rectouterine fold

rectouterine fold
прямокишечно-маточная складка

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  • rectouterine fold — plica rectouterina …   Medical dictionary

  • fold — 1. A ridge or margin apparently formed by the doubling back of a lamina. SYN: plica. 2. In the embryo, a transient elevation or reduplication of tissue in the form of a lamina …   Medical dictionary

  • Rectouterine pouch — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = excavatio rectouterina, cavum douglassi, fossa douglasi GraySubject = 246 GrayPage = 1152 Caption = Sagittal section of the lower part of a female trunk, right segment. (Pouch of Douglas labeled at bottom… …   Wikipedia

  • Rectouterine folds — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = plica rectouterina GraySubject = 269 GrayPage = 1260 Caption = Female pelvis and its contents, seen from above and in front. (Sacrogenital fold labeled at bottom left.) Caption2 = System = MeshName =… …   Wikipedia

  • Muscle — is the tissue of the body which primarily functions as a source of power. There are three types of muscle in the body. Muscle which is responsible for moving extremities and external areas of the body is called "skeletal muscle." Heart… …   Medical dictionary

  • Половая система — …   Атлас анатомии человека

  • plica — [TA] SYN: fold (1). [Mod. L. a plait or fold] plicae adiposae pleurae SYN: fatty folds of pleura, under fold. plicae alares plicae synovialis infrapatellaris SYN: alar folds of intrapatellar synovial fold, under fold. plicae ampullares tubae… …   Medical dictionary

  • plica rectouterina — [TA] rectouterine fold: a crescentic fold of peritoneum extending from the rectum to the base of the broad ligament on either side, forming the rectouterine pouch …   Medical dictionary

  • ligamentum rectouterinum — [TA] rectouterine ligament: a part of the thickening of the visceral pelvic fascia beside the cervix and vagina, passing posteriorly in the rectouterine fold to attach to the front of the sacrum; called also Jarjavay l. and Petit l …   Medical dictionary

  • musculus rectouterinus — [TA] rectouterine muscle: a band of fibers in the female, running between the cervix of the uterus and the rectum, in the rectouterine fold …   Medical dictionary

  • Recto-uterine pouch — Sagittal section of the lower part of a female trunk, right segment. (Excavatio recto uterina labeled at bottom right.) …   Wikipedia

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